Is there hunger? These are the most delicious iPhone cases you will see -


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Monday, 24 July 2017

Is there hunger? These are the most delicious iPhone cases you will see

The iPhone is one of our most precious possessions, so it is not surprising that as soon as we acquire a new terminal we decide to take care of it with a case or cover and a screen protector - remember to do it with tempered glass and TPU gel, not with plastic - . And this is where we open the door to a whole world of possibilities, because there are almost as many cases as owners of iPhone.

Obviously, for tastes, colors. But speaking of taste ... some users are good eaters, lovers of cooking and gastronomy, authentic delivered to the pleasure of sitting at the table and delighting with succulent delicacies. If it is your case and you are a freak eccentric, today we bring some cases with which you will make your mouth water.

Why do we say about being eccentric? Because one thing is to get us with a case with prints of fruit, or even with those plastic trunks that emulate a pizza like this that we can find on eBay and what we are going to show you next. Discretion? Little Ergonomics? Even less. Are you going to stay with the staff when you take out your iPhone? That sure .

Because these artistic covers that we have found in Etsy are simple monochrome cases with your favorite food attached to the back, something surprising and that has left us with the mouth open ... and a huge smile. Attentive, because we are going with our favorites

If yours is salty ...

You're the king of fried chicken:

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