It fulfills another of the predictions of Steve Jobs -


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Thursday, 27 July 2017

It fulfills another of the predictions of Steve Jobs

Almost six years since the death of Steve Jobs. With him, he became one of the most innovative and inspiring personalities in the technology industry. But, even though he is no longer at the helm of the company he managed to bring to the top, his vision, somehow, is still with us . In Apple products, in the philosophy of the company and in the steps that goes towards a better future for all thanks to technology.

And today, years later, we realize how Steve Jobs was already clear to where the market would go with the passage of time. In this case, what I would leave behind. And although many feared to take the step, he knew from the very launch of the first version of iOS that a technology had the days counted on the network, and therefore, it was not worth spending resources on it . And if they got it right.

As Steve Jobs said in 2010, the Flash story is now over

Although at first there were quite a few who thought it was a blunder, not including Flash on mobile devices was a giant step on the part of Cupertino. Betting on new technologies like HTML5 then seemed crazy, but time has given the reason to those of Cupertino . After a significant decline, Adobe Flash will finally be discontinued in 2020.

As you can see in UrbanTecno , where the story of Flash is collected, we have much to thank for this technology. But its increasingly serious failures, have confirmed that no longer takes place in the development of the web. Flash managed to give more life to the pages that make up the network , it brought us a new way of interacting with lots of services, however, his time, as predicted Steve Jobs, is over.

What is the flash application you remember most?

Via | UrbanTecno

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