It is already possible to anchor chats in WhatsApp -


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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

It is already possible to anchor chats in WhatsApp

As you will know, I have always been of those users who have defended by the sword and make the leap from WhatsApp to Telegram, but would lie if you did not recognize that little by little WhatsApp is catching up to the latter.

Proof of this is its latest update, which already allows to anchor chats , a simple feature but surely many users will make use of it.

How to anchor chats in WhatsApp

To do this, we only have to make use of the " Fix " option that will appear when sliding from left to right any of our chats, either individual or a group.

Likewise, this update has also extended the file sharing feature , allowing the user to select almost any known file extension.

In short, we are faced with a very simple update but adding basic features that until now were not available in application and that surely are liked by most users.

WhatsApp is available for free and is universal .

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