It is obligatory that you love this new copy of the iPhone -


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Monday, 10 July 2017

It is obligatory that you love this new copy of the iPhone

No, quiet, not that your love for Apple distorted your view of reality, is that this new smartphone is very familiar . It is called Jindallae 3 and comes from North Korea, the Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation and is the umpteenth Asian copy of the iPhone. By the way, the launch of this phone goes right after the announcement of its first tablet manufactured in the country, called IPad, originality first and foremost .

Although no details have been leaked other than that it has been proudly made entirely in the dreaded country of North Korea, we know that it is versatile and functional, and that it includes a number of apps necessary for the life and business of people. Ojito how is the subject of technological journalism in a country with a dictatorship as strong as the North Korean. The Jindallae 3 comes in two colors, black and white and as you can see, it has a large screen.

Jindallae 3 or the son who never had the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7

Although it seems integrated with a heavily modified version of Android or Red Star OS - the operating system from the country's own Linux - it is clear that for their design were inspired by the Apple iPhone and in fact in the photos filtered we can see icons for Calls, photos, music, calendar ... they pretty much resemble native iOS. The phone has an oval Home button very similar to the ones we can find on Android terminals like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Jindallae 3 is not the first smartphone in North Korea, although the pioneer was the Arirang in 2013, although analysts suspect that despite all the hype that came with its "proudly made in North Korea," Was manufactured in China and packaged in North Korea .

Via | Mashable

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