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Monday, 31 July 2017

Let's look back at the iPhone 3G

It has been 9 years, but at a technological level the distance that separates us from the year 2008 is a whole geological era. On June 11 of that year was presented this terminal that gave continuity to the original iPhone that was launched the previous year .

There were changes, especially at the external level. We found a plastic back in black or white, although the front was virtually identical. Many were those who looked forward to the new model, which was finally sold in Spain by Telefónica. The queues that took place on the Gran Vía Madrilenia were enormous to be able to be made with one .

Apple introduced a model with a major improvement, moving from EDGE speed to 3G, synonymous with speed then and allowing a higher rate and speed in data transfer for mobile phones . His camera was 2 megapixels and incomprehensibly still did not record video, we had to wait for the later model presented in 2009 for this to be possible .

It was a terminal with 128 MB of RAM and up to 8GB of capacity. Perhaps most importantly, with him was born the app store, the App Store and that indissolubly remains part of the devices of the brand of Cupertino .

Aesthetically, and that's a personal opinion, it was a nice cell phone although not as much as the original . The housing, being plastic, tended to crack in the area of ​​the base of entry, just by the screws, and also by that of the mute button.

It stayed in iOS 4.2.1 and there may still be users who have some in the drawer . It can be used as an iPod or as a secondary phone, as the call and text messaging function can continue to do so . If you still have it, you can tell us what use you give and what you liked about it, we are waiting for you.

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