More than a thousand people arrived at the opening of the first Apple store in Taiwan [photos]

In July 2016, Apple began to look for staff for the Apple Store brand in Taiwan, where the company did not have a single outlets. A year later, the company opened on the island its first Apple Store logo Taipei 101.

The Apple store appeared in one of the department stores in Taiwan, the capital of the Chinese province of Taiwan as part of the Chinese People's Republic. Thousands of fans of "the apple" of products arrived in the Inauguration of the point of sale with its famous glass façade.

In honor of the event, and employees of Apple handed the visitors red t-shirts with the image of a Great banyan tree, inspired works of art by a local yi chi-yi paper cutting expert.

Head of the retail department and Apple's online sales, angela Арендтс company fans delight: "Thanks to our team and to all customers, who pointed out today the opening of the first store in Taiwan."

About what Apple plans to open store outlet in Taiwan, it is known from a year ago. Taiwan is considered highly economically developed territory, included in the number of so-called "new industrialized countries".

Modern Taiwan is a country with a progressive transition, which is based on export. Hundreds of exhibitions, congresses, symposiums and lectures are held every year in taipei, covering the most diverse sectors of production, industry and agriculture.
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