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Sunday, 9 July 2017

My iPhone is dead! These are the most frequent faults

It is no secret that the iPhone is a very delicate device. In fact, it is very difficult for a phone of these characteristics to survive undamaged a fall without any protection . Even sometimes, the devices can be damaged by an internal problem that has nothing to do with the user, in that case the responsible is Apple.

In the unfortunate case that your iPhone has died from a fall or with no apparent explanation and has simply stopped working , then I present the most common faults of any iPhone.

Most Common iPhone Faults

The glass on the screen has shattered me

I'll start with the most obvious, broken screen glass is the most common breakdown on any Apple phone . These types of malfunctions are considered a bad use by the user and therefore, the cost of the repair is at the account of the owner of the telephone. Another very common reason for failure is that the battery stops working. Usually, this is usually because this has come to an end by use and requires a replacement by a new one .

No power, no charge and camera ...

The younger iPhone, 7 and 7 Plus, usually go to the service for two reasons. The first one is camera failures and the second, more common, is for the iPhone to leave the dead box, which can not be turned on or charged . Fortunately, this situation is fully covered by the warranty and the replacement of the mobile is free.

The update has patronized the iPhone

Talking more about the software, with the exits of the beta versions of iOS 11 for developers, there were cases of iPhones that when installing the beta were completely unusable and without any solution , leaving the owner without a phone. For this reason, we recommend to be careful with any installation of iOS beta, as there are certain damages that are foreign to us, but the fact of installing a version in development is entirely the responsibility of the user .

If you ever have any problems with your iPhone, take it immediately to the Apple Store, they are the real experts on your phone and the only ones who will not void the warranty for having an eye on the interior.

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