N26 will be compatible with Apple Pay in Spain at the end of the year

After more than six months since the arrival of Apple Pay to Spain by Banco Santander, German bank N26 has announced that its customers will be able to use Apple Pay in Spain later this year.

In case anyone has doubts about it, N26 is a German bank very young but quite solvent, which allows him to quickly avail himself of the new technologies.

N26 becomes a new option to use Apple Pay in Spain

Similarly, it is important to note that operations and other actions are carried out online and we do not have any type of fee or card maintenance , so it becomes a great option for all those who want to enjoy the service in Spain.

Finally, I remind you that today, Banco Santander is not the only way to use Apple Pay in Spain, since customers of American Express, Ticket Restaurant and the Carrefour card can also enjoy the service.
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