Named the most failed Apple smartphone. And it's not the iPhone 5c -


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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Named the most failed Apple smartphone. And it's not the iPhone 5c

American experts in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone conducted a successful analysis of each market-launched model and called it the most unfortunate of Apple's smartphones.

Contrary to the assumptions, more a mistake from the market point of view indicators were denied, not plastic iPhone 5c. The worst financial year for the company was the iPhone 5, which was introduced in 2012.

The novelty has Received larger screen than 4 inches instead of 3.5 inches from its predecessor. However, on the day of the premiere of Apple devices that grew at the cost of only one percent, it was the worst result of many years.

The iPhone 5 has not been able to bring a company of great benefit after a year of sales. Among the main disadvantages of the so-called new map specialties Apple models, with which came with the device in the market. In them there were a lot of flaws and errors, and three-dimensional coverage left much to be desired.

Another disadvantage is that the iPhone 5 - docking connector for a new type of Lightning connector, causing the mass of complaints from Apple fans. The owners of "яблочных" smartphones are accustomed to the universality of all products. As a result of which she had to buy adapters for cars and connection modules to all possible девайсам.

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 5, the company increased the screen, and many of the applications were неоптимизированными. Because the company had the configuration of the device under strictly secret conditions, application developers simply have not been able to quickly redo DE below the "five" screen.

Also Apple has switched to the new ultra-compact nano-SIM card SIM card option. The owners of iPhone 5 we had to move to another "a.", As was the case after the iPhone 4 output with the micro-SIM card slot.

Finally, another drawback of iPhone 5 - the controversial design. The glass waiver on the back of the panel and the thinning of the front panel forced Apple to change the design of the metal rim, herpes zoster smartphone from the end. The edges actually bevelled. And although this looks good, black instances of his smartphone in these places, had the property to peel, exposing the silver color of aluminum.

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