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Sunday, 30 July 2017

National Police warns about WhatsApp video "Popcorn Carnival"

Maybe during this hot month of July some of your WhatsApp contacts have warned you about an alleged dangerous video circulating around. And is that being one of the apps with more users on the planet with more than 1 billion people making use of it every day , it is normal that the notices and scams are the order of the day. Therefore, we assume that at some point someone has warned you about the video "Carnival of the popcorn" and its potential dangers .

According to the rumors, it is said that there is a video called "Carnival of the popcorn" that when you open it, in a matter of seconds will hack your smartphone - not specified, so we assume that it would attack both Android and iOS - and not You can stop it in any way.

Come on, your terminal could become an expensive paperweight and worse, you do not know who would have access to your personal information. All a drama. Obviously, before a threat of such caliber, the normal thing would be to alert all your contacts. And is that in addition, also ensures that you could enter through Facebook .

Therefore, it is normal that you received this month. But not one, maybe even 10 times. And you already know how we are with our safety: all precautions are few. Surprisingly nothing is reported, so we do not know exactly how this evil video is attacked or what damages cause . If we throw a newspaper library, this danger sounds quite similar to another that had long ago supposedly acted in a similar way, the "Pope's dance."

Well, the national police has decided to take action on the matter because although there are no barriers in the internet, this rumor seems to have arisen in Spain. Therefore, in his Twitter account recently published in his thread on myths and security issues a tweet on the subject.

That is, the video "Carnival of the popcorn" is not only a video that hacks your terminal but that threat does not exist . That is why we do not know anything about its modus operandi or know affected people.

So quiet, because it's a hoot . If you have somebody, you can breathe easy and tell him that there is nothing to be afraid of but please stop letting go.

Via | Snopes

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