New leak confirmed the expected iPhone 8 chip -


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Monday, 3 July 2017

New leak confirmed the expected iPhone 8 chip

Blogger benjamin Гескин, known by the leak organization, has put on Twitter the front-facing photo account, supposedly designed for the iPhone 8, now prepared the Apple version. The photograph has clarified some of the controversial issues regarding the Admiral's coming.

The photograph confirms extremely thin frame from the edges of the screen of the iPhone 8, the almost total absence of frames from above and below. On the bottom Of the lack of trim for the Home button with the fingerprint scanner. The top can be seen technologically from the aperture for the camera and sensor set.

The second moment, the fingerprint scanner. Judging by the image, the computer will lose individual biometric module, which is visible in the picture of the front frame of the iPhone 7. Features of the unit will assume the touch screen of the smartphone.

This year turned 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone, so analysts predict more important device upgrades. Maybe, so broad, you will even get a new name. Observers talk about "iPhone X," "iPhone Pro," or "iPhone Edition," by analogy with the "smart" Apple Watch watch. So far, the novelty is accepted to be called iPhone 8.

The new Apple smartphone will be based on the powerful Apple A11 Fusion platform with 3 GB of RAM. Thanks to the OLED display screen technology the device will receive more intense colors, deep shades of black, and greater energy efficiency compared to LCD-panels predecessors.

Regarding the hypothesis of wireless charging in the device, they are reinforced by some facts. In particular, related to the partners of Apple, the company of Energous, which has developed a proprietary technology that allows to charge the device at a distance of up to 5 meters from the source.

They will be fulfilled if the forecasts of the analysts, we learn in the fall.

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