No, we have not forgotten about him -


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Sunday, 16 July 2017

No, we have not forgotten about him

We are not going to fool ourselves, since the appearance of the iPhone, the iPod has virtually lost its usefulness. All you can do an iPod can do an iPhone . But what happens if our iPhone has little memory and we do not want to fill it with music or we just would like to have music separated from the phone? Then the iPod itself is really useful .

IPod nano is one of the latest iPods to buy . Despite being quite outdated, it is still useful for those who do not yet have a smartphone or for children who do not need a mobile phone. In addition, this device will hardly be obsolete .

For those of us who still have an iPod nano or are going to buy one soon, we must consider their safety , just as we would with an iPhone. The iPod nano needs a case, its screen is just as delicate as any other smartphone and although it is hard to believe, even covers are made for this fantastic MP4 .

Then I bring you the best cases to keep your iPod nano seventh generation well protected .

Muvit MURUB0057

This is a pack of 3 silicone cases for the latest generation iPod nano. They are 3 cases of 3 different colors so that we can choose which to use each day or to give it to anyone who has another iPod nano.

Buy Muvit MURUB0057 case for 15.21 euros

Clear TPU

A fairly complete case that incorporates a stylus for touch screen . The case is transparent so you will see the original color of the iPod.

Buy Claro TPU case for 4.01 euros


A very thin rigid and transparent case. It will give our iPod the protection it needs without losing even a touch of elegance in its design. It also includes a protective sheet so that the screen does not scratch.

Buy Kwmobile case for 3.90 euros

Housing NOVAGO

An even transparent front and back cover that will fully protect our iPod. Being front and back, it protects much better from blows than any other case.

Buy housing NOVAGO for 2,45 euros

Without doubt, this small MP4 still has many places to fight. And is that despite the fact that the iPhone and any smartphone have won in its field, it is still a useful device for anyone who does not need or want a smartphone.

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