Nokia may once again become a benchmark in the world -


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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Nokia may once again become a benchmark in the world

Nokia has always been always, at least until it was acquired by Microsoft, a benchmark in the mobile world. Even once it was acquired by Microsoft and the emergence of Lumia mobile phones the photographic section of the European brand has been the best in the market.

We have recently learned that the Finnish brand, high in less than live investors, wants to follow the collaboration it had years ago with Zeiss, a benchmark in terms of lenses for photography and optics in general.

Many years ago Nokia already collaborated with the German company's terminals such as the Nokia N97 and others of the highest range in the market. Now it seems that the Finns can incorporate into their high-end mobile a product that has just been patented by Zeiss to bring real optical zoom, nothing that makes Apple and other manufacturers, to mobile phones.

The system is based on the sensor of the camera, the zoom system and a kind of housing that will allow us to use a lens or another depending on what we choose. This housing has a small rotating motor that will allow the user to switch between several types of lenses, obtaining different focal distances to take a photograph. Something like what you see in the schematic image that we have right above.

The patented system is thought according to the German company for the inclusion of the same in the mobile. It is clear that to get to the mobile market this system would initially be aimed at the highest range of smartphones.

Nokia and Zeiss want to reign

It seems that Nokia returns to the market with great strength in this 2017 with a full range, from Nokia 3 to Nokia 8 . But it does not conform to that, Nokia wants to reach the market with something that will make it different from the high end of other brands.

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