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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Not even a single Android can face the iPhone 8

From the data that have been appearing these last days, we can have something very clear. The iPhone 8 will not only be the most innovative mobile phone to date, but to continue the Apple streak, it will also be the most powerful . And it is not a simple advertising statement, but new benchmarks have been found that give the new model some really incredible numbers for a device of its kind.

In particular, according to the information published on Twitter by Ice universe, a user known to have a certain relevance in the world that has given him enough reliability to take account of their reports, the new iPhone would exceed its predecessors . That yes, would be behind the current models of iPad, which have a superior processor designed to meet more demanding tasks than a mobile phone.

Again, the next iPhone will have no rival in the market

Most likely, the new iPhone processor would be set to 3 GHz, although this frequency would vary according to the situation. This gives rise to two different scores in the Geekbench, one of the benchmarks in terms of performance measurement. In any case, no matter which way it is, it will always exceed the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus score with 4600 or 4300 in the Single-Core test and 8500 or 7000 in the case of Multi-Core , surpassing the 3331 and 5538 points Which the latter draw on the respective tests.

And, of course, when it comes to showcasing your capabilities against the competition, you will have no problem in proving you are unrivaled. Imagine simply an even more powerful phone than the iPhone 7, which is already unbeatable even against the Galaxy S8. Not a single Android will be able to take the podium to the iPhone 8 , neither this year nor the next probably. And, to Apple fans' luck, that's a fact.

Via | BGR

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