Now available the fourth beta for iOS 11 developers -


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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Now available the fourth beta for iOS 11 developers

With the new iOS 11 update, users will be able to start enjoying perfect new features to improve our productivity , and above all, our experience with Apple mobile devices. In addition, we will also have the opportunity to see the renewal of certain parts of the system, which evolve to be able to meet the challenges that the competition proposes. Among the latter, there is, for example, Siri.

There was an announcement today about some of the functions the assistant had accomplished over the years , with Dwayne Johnson as the lead star. But with iOS 11, the role that will play this role will be even greater. Not only for the arrival of HomePod, but also for the improvements you will receive in terms of automatic learning. And this is just one of the novelties of this great update.

Aesthetics begins to adapt to the wishes of beta users

But this has only just begun, and it is very likely that Apple is still holding some surprises for its new products. For now, we can only see the changes that are getting to the beta compilations. The fourth, in this case, includes some changes in notifications as well as new icons for apps like Notes or Reminders among other new features. Of course, we will also find corrections for some of the bugs that have been weighing the past versions.

This new beta update is now available to developers registered in the program through an OTA that you can download through Settings. For now it is not available for the public program, although it is expected that it will not take too long to launch, maybe a couple of days, as we are accustomed.

And you, what do you like most about iOS 11?

Via | 9to5Mac

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