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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Now you can enjoy Nintendo Switch on your iPhone

The official application of Nintendo Switch enables players to enjoy new forms of play and special functions.

With the arrival of Nintendo Switch to the App Store you will find Splatoon 2. This title provides access to SplatNet 2, where you can check results, see the rankings and even invite other users .

Interestingly, this new application activates voice chat services by connecting some helmets , a function that was not available in the titles of Nintendo Switch . The voice chat of Nintendo Switch Online works differently depending on the type of games players play. For example, cooperative games include all in one room, and competitive in different rooms for each team.

Nintendo Switch Online is designed to enhance your gaming experience

It should be noted that Nintendo Switch Online is a companion application, that is, it serves as an accompaniment or complement to the current games that are available on the Nintendo Switch game console.

In addition to voice chat, a very interesting feature, as we previously mentioned the application will allow other users to join their games through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

For now, the services of Nintendo Switch Online will be free, but a payment version is expected to arrive in 2018 under the subscription model for more than € 20 a year .

Download Nintendo Switch Online on your iPhone and iPad

You can get the new Nintendo Switch Online application on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the next download button. Requires iOS 9 or later. It's free!

 Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online

It is possible that when using the Nintendo Switch Online application on your iPhone or on your iPad you see a message saying that the service is currently not available. This is normal, because the servers are collapsed and the operation contains some errors.

Source | Apple Insider

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