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Monday, 17 July 2017

OnePlus 5 vs Galaxy S8, speed test

If there is a terminal in recent weeks that is giving much to talk is none other than the OnePlus 5. The reasons? Several, great quality of construction, power to springs, Android stock almost in its entirety and an unbeatable price if we compare it with the high range. However, many will wonder if it is possible that a terminal like the OnePlus can plant face directly to the high range. To answer this question it is best to compare the OnePlus 5 with the highest-end terminal that exists in the Android world. That's why we are going to see how the OnePlus 5 vs s8 works in a speed test. Do not miss it

OnePlus 5 vs S8, speed test

The first thing we see is how the OnePlus 5 starts a bit before the Korean terminal so, a priori, it seems that the test is going to opt for the Chinese terminal. And the truth that what at first seems a simple anecdotal note is becoming a trend as we compare the speed with which open applications of all kinds, including heavy games like some GameLoft.

As the video progresses we also find the comparison of the OnePlus 5 S8 in terms of results in Benchmarks. In all cases the Chinese terminal beats the Samsung S8. Therefore, we are already closer to an answer to the question we asked at the beginning of this article, right?

As for more tests of velocities realized we can see that in the case of web browsing in both terminals is more or less similar, being in some cases faster in the S8 terminal than in the OnePlus 5 and other times in reverse. At the time of making captures with the camera of photographs of both terminals we see that in this case Samsung has focused all their efforts and the terminal coming from Korea is performing better and faster.

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