Patent Info: Apple Develops Face Unlock Facial Recognition System for 3 Years -


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Friday, 14 July 2017

Patent Info: Apple Develops Face Unlock Facial Recognition System for 3 Years

The latest disclosure is Apple's patent information, indicating that Apple has been developing Face Unlock Facial Recognition for three years.

Patent Unlocking Machine with Facial Recognition (Facial Recognition)

The US Patent and Trademark Office has released a patent application that has been registered since 2013. The details are discussed on the identification of electronic devices with facial scanning.

Brief information on the patent describes the identification method. (Unlocked) of electronic devices. With 2D face-to-face metering, infrared sensors, 3D sensors and other sensors. To capture the face

Facial retention involves the identification of facial features, such as the eyes, chin, nose, face and so on, to determine whether images taken with the information in the system are consistent.

In detail in the patent, the principles are described in detail. But interestingly, the concept was identified for identifying or unlocking devices. The iPhone 8 is rumored to be the new iPhone with the feature.

The competing Samsung Galaxy S8 also features face capture and scanning as well. But it was found vulnerable. Image can be used to scan the face of the locking pin. This is expected to improve and improve further.

If you have a problem with the iPhone Touch 8, then the iPhone will not be able to change the face recognition format. What is the identity pattern of the iPhone 8? Need to follow each other

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