Posted images of iPhone 8 in white onyx " -


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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Posted images of iPhone 8 in white onyx "

At the end of last year there was rumored about the formation of new modifications in the iPhone 7 smartphone series. In particular, it was reported that the rule should recharge the model in a new "white onyx" or Jet White color. Unfortunately, the rumors were rumored, however, we now have the possibility to estimate a hypothetical iPhone model in this colors.

In the images, prepared by the renowned artist martin Хаеком, you can see, Presented white iPhone 8. The smartphone has a glossy finish, like the iPhone 7 in black onyx "(Jet Black). A series of images with different angles allows to form an idea about the model.

Brilliant finish like Apple, precisely in it, the company has made a bet in promoting the current flagship. As "very black" iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are displayed on the website and in poster advertising. The body of the appliances made of smooth polished aluminum, and to achieve the effect of the surface of the mirror put it 9 ступенчатому anodizing and polishing process. The result is a deep black color.

At the word, "black onyx" is not exclusive to Apple. A similar shiny metal-finished device the company is already being launched in 2013 cylindrical Mac Pro cylindrical housing. Yes, and in the line of iPhone is very similar - black plastic iPhone 3G and 3GS.

With each new Apple iPhone model, the company adds a new color. It is not ruled out that this time will be the same bright white. In this case we can count on the iPhone Jet White.

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