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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Prepare the photo library of your iPhone for your holidays

With this heat, it is noticeable that summer has already arrived and surely many of you will be anxious to start your vacations . Most workers take a few days of relaxation in July or August - when the best weather is - so we have to get our iPhones ready for an unforgettable summer , and more if we take many photos to remember!

The iPhone has one of the best cameras we can find on a mobile phone and it is no wonder that it is becoming the most popular camera in the world . As we are talking about a Smartphone, we will probably have more things inside the apart of photos and so we must make sure we have enough space on our device .

Do you have photos on iCloud?

If the iCloud photo library is enabled, you will need to monitor the space in the iCloud account . If you think you do not have enough, delete some files to make room for the new photos. You can also extract some files to a computer so you do not have to delete them forever. Do not skimp on space, iPhone 4K videos take up a lot.

On the other hand, if you do not use iCloud, you depend on the internal capacity of your iPhone . Although currently the minimum capacity of the iPhone 7 is 32GB, the iPhone 6 could be purchased with 16GB. 32GB is already a pretty poor amount to store whatever, those who have 16GB will have more difficult, but not impossible.

What you should do is perform a cleaning of applications, videos and photos that you no longer want . Take into account photos and videos sent to you by WhatsApp , since this application saves everything on your phone, including the huge amount of files that are usually sent in the family groups.

Be aware of connectivity

If you go to a place where you will not have internet access, you should consider taking an external device in which you can store data , such as a laptop or any external storage compatible with iOS. This way you can extract the images if you run out of space or have a backup in case - God forbid - you lose your iPhone .

Anyway, you do not need to worry so much about the storage we have available on our device, but if we have everything planned so that in the middle of our vacation we will not find that we do not have space on our iPhone .

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