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Friday, 7 July 2017

Put your iPhone in shape with the best-selling sports bags

Now that it's summer, it's time to get in shape and do some sport. But often sportswear does not have pockets or has tight fitting and makes it uncomfortable to wear anything. For that problem we have a remedy: carry everything in the arm.

And although a priori sounds uncomfortable, there are many cases that can facilitate this task. It is a very complete covers with different pockets and security systems so that when we go out to do sport we only worry about doing sports . And the best, they all have a very good price!

Below you will find the best sports bags for value for money . I also add that all these cases are compatible with iPhone 6 and up, but also support a lot of Android devices.


A full, quite affordable case. It has a large number of pockets specifically designed to carry certain objects , such as keys, cards, headphones and of course the phone. This is the most affordable of the three , but perfectly fulfills its function. Personally I prefer the pockets that this case brings.

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GIM Sports

A case that comes in two gaudy colors and has a striking design. This case is very light and easy to use, also brings a pocket just behind where the phone goes to be able to put what we want.

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This case is built in a very elegant fabric, has an inside pocket to carry what we want and a non-slip band so it does not turn while we run. In addition, it incorporates a reflective band to be seen if we run near the road when the Sun has set.

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With these covers you will be prepared to play sports anywhere without giving up taking your mobile with you and listening to the songs that you have stored in it. In addition, you will not give up style or security and you can be sure that your belongings will not fall off a trot.

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