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Monday, 10 July 2017

Qualcomm sues Apple and claims that the iPhone stops selling

Qualcomm, the company that develops Snapdragon processors, has just sued Apple in the US. They claim that the iPhone infringes several of its patents, and claims that its sale be prohibited.

Qualcomm and Apple have been battling in court for some time . The apple company and the processor company have had several disputes in court for several months. And this is such a long dispute, and it takes place in so many countries, that we will only know how it ends in several years.

But that legal dispute has just gone one step further, because Qualcomm has just filed another lawsuit against Apple . And this latest demand not only seeks money, claims something bigger: ban the sales and distribution of the iPhone. That is, Qualcomm wants to ban Apple's flagship product in the US .

Qualcomm sues Apple for infringing six patents

The patents Qualcomm claims to Apple are six , and most have to do with battery saving and network connections . These patents have been obtained in the last 4 years, Qualcomm states that they are not mandatory in any industry standard and that Apple is using them without paying a dollar for them.

Qualcomm, in the press release that have spread among the media, goes even further. They claim that their creations are at the heart of every iPhone , and that they are vital to its operation. And, in addition to asking for financial compensation, they demand that the iPhone stop being distributed and sold in the US.

The processor company estimates that the investigation will begin in August, and that the trial will arrive next year. On the other hand, and according to Digital Trends , Apple defends itself by declaring that Qualcomm's business is illegal . They claim that some of these patents are invalid, and that the company has not met the obligation to charge fair prices for its technology.

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