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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Quiet: the iPhone 8 will arrive in September, no matter what it costs

This week has been crazy in the media for Apple: delays, hardware problems, software, indecision ... a series of events that two months from its deadline , is something simply intolerable in a company of the draft of the apple bite.

So Apple has bet on putting all the meat on the grill to get there on time and do it right, that is, with all the innovations implemented and working to perfection. Come on, if we are going to pay more than a thousand euros for the iPhone 8 , let's do it for the cream of the market.

According to the Korea Herald, Apple would be acquiring expensive machinery to produce the internal circuits of its next flagship, but eye, not to manufacture it themselves, but to supply it to its suppliers to accelerate production. A full lease to help the supply chain meet deadlines .

The cost of the investment, according to the Asian medium, is tens of millions of dollars, but obviously worth it. As a curiosity, these machines are used to develop the circuit boards in which the key components, such as the screen or the camera, are integrated. Its name is RFPCB or rigid and flexible circuit board and is more complex to manufacture than standard, as it combines two antagonistic properties like rigidity and flexibility to take full advantage of the space.

And why has Apple made this investment in full summer and not before? Apparently, one of the three manufacturers - it is speculated that of Taiwanese origin - of this piece would have withdrawn from production, probably due to the rigidity and high standards of Cupertino, but it is still an anonymous voice that has given the sneak , So you have to get the information with tweezers.

So Apple decided to take action on the issue and solve the root problem by supporting Interflex and Youngpoong Electronics with more machinery with only one goal: to be on time .

Via | Macrumors

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