RED introduced hydrogen One, the world's first smartphone with flat hologram for $ 1200

Known in the professional circles of the company RED has announced the own smartphone, whose characteristic is that it is the only holographic of the screen. And to work with the device, users do not have to wear helmet or special glasses.

According to the manufacturer, RED - One is the first smartphone for normal playback, and holographic content as well as augmented reality in 2D and 3D. It works again with Android and is estimated by Producer at $ 1200.

In the company stressed that for work with the RED - One does not require a special equipment in the form of a helmet or glasses, as they "slow the development of technology." They have worked in the company and on the sound: the device is able to convert stereo in the similarity of a 5.1 system, while listening through normal headphones.

Another feature of Hydrogen One is the working mode of the screen, it allows changing from 2D to 3D, adding elements of augmented reality.

The hydrogen One will be compatible interchangeable modules. RED publishes of the camera, that allow to improve and update the system for the filming of its discretion. With the help of a connector you can connect accessories, changing the functionality of the smartphone.

RED makes advance in the hydrogen model One in an aluminum box for $ 1200, titanium version cost $ 1600. Machine sales will begin early next year.

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