Return to the future with this incredible DeLorean case for your iPhone -


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Friday, 21 July 2017

Return to the future with this incredible DeLorean case for your iPhone

Back to the future is one of the most iconic films of our childhood and is that who has not suffered seeing Marty McFly arrive in time to solve a mistake that makes their parents did not know each other? We all wanted a friend like Doc, but above all, we wanted that car to be able to travel in time. Well, we do not bring the car, but your iPhone can look like the mythical DeLorean .

Because the Hex brand in collaboration with the very same DeLorean Motor Company have set to work to create a limited edition case by emulating the car of Marty and Doc with their Hex x DeLorean Apex Case for iPhone 7 . Unfortunately, as the name implies, it is only available for the latest Apple iPhone model and not even for its premium version, the iPhone 7 Plus. A shame because we are many nostalgic, but with iPhone 7 many less.

As you can see, it consists of a bicolor body consisting of a shiny brushed aluminum top, leather details. Its heart is polycarbonate and guarantees both a retro but modern aesthetic as the maximum protection. Of course, the laser signature in which appears silkscreen the name Delorean .

Have you got long teeth, right? This preciousness has devastated once it has gone on sale and waiting to increase the stock, is currently out. And eye, because cheap is not, but the design has a price. This case for iPhone can be obtained for $ 50, which comes to be about 45 euros.

So let's arm ourselves with patience and wait. It will be a matter of waiting for the next day to arrive in the future where it will be available again from the Hex website to buy it. Too bad not to have the DeLorean by hand , huh?

Via | Engadget

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