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Monday, 17 July 2017

Safari will stop blocking VPN-based ads

Apple has changed its policy for blocking ads from the App Store for both Safari and other third-party web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

From now on, applications that use VPN services to block ads in web browsing apps will be immediately disapproved and / or removed from the iOS App Store.

According to Apple, they have never allowed applications designed to interfere with the performance and functions of other apps . Thus, the company Cupertino wants developers to continue to make money with ads in their applications.

A developer discovered the new policy of the App Store

Tomasz Koperski, the developer of Adblock and Weblock (two of the best apps to block ads), explained how Apple stopped accepting the updates of its applications for violating some terms of the App Store.

"Your application must include features, content, and user interface that elevates it beyond a repackaged web page. If your application is not particularly useful or unique, it does not belong to the App Store. If your app does not provide entertainment value, it may not be accepted. "

Section 4.2.1 of the terms and conditions of the App Store has changed. This rule indicates that the APIs should be used for their intended purposes , and it appears that Apple does not see the intended purpose of blocking advertisements for VPN certificates.

So, now that ads are no longer allowed to block based on VPN services, the only type of ad blockers allowed on the App Store will be those applications that use Safari Content Blocker.

Apple is already a couple of months after the introduction of iOS 11, cleaning the App Store eliminating all kinds of applications and accepting only those apps with 64-bit architecture support .

Source | Apple Insider

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