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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Samsung again annoys you with Note 8

Samsung has always had the fingerprint readers and the Home button on their mobile phones in a position that, at least to most of us, we think is the best for it. That is, the fingerprint readers of Samsung phones have always been placed on the front, specifically at the bottom. However in the latest batch of Korean high-end phones the fingerprint reader has been passed to the rear. This would not be more of a problem if the position of the reader had some logic as it happens in the terminals of Huawei or Xiaomi point we all thought that the decision to place the fingerprint reader on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was somewhat circumstantial due to lack Of time to place it just below the screen, so occult point. For history repeats itself with Note 8, let us see.

Well, according to the last filtered fronts of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which we have already talked about today, it seems that we will have the same wrong decision when placing the fingerprint sensor of the new star terminal of the Koreans.

The footprint sensor of note 8 is at the rear and in a poor position

The problem is not because the sensor is in the back, since many manufacturers like Huawei or have been placed now or in the past in this position and the customers of the same have not had major complaints, but the same Is placed right next to, and there is very little distance, from the dual camera lens of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as you can see in the picture we bring you.

Apart from the back position and the glued fingerprint sensor is attached to the camera lenses, we see that the size is ridiculously small, so most likely we need a good learning time to use it with total precision. What do you think the Samsung terminal has the fingerprint sensor in this position? And the shape and size, how do you see them?

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