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Monday, 24 July 2017

Say goodbye forever to business calls thanks to these free apps

The iOS 10 update brought important changes to the operation of the operating system. For the first time, some functions began to open their possibilities to the developers , who from the same moment of the announcement began to work on them. It was interesting to see how WhatsApp managed to access Siri and make the wizard able to send messages. But more curious is that Apple has allowed access to certain really personal areas.

I talk about access to information and the possibility of interacting with the application of calls. A primary function in a mobile phone, containing information as intimate as the numbers of people we know, was first opened to developers. Thanks to CallKit, the ban was closed that apps like Skype could act as normal bookmarks , but also to avoid certain calls.

Three apps perfect to say goodbye to those minutes lost between annoying commercials

That's right, CallKit has managed to bring us some really useful apps to protect us from the well-known phone spam . And is that few things are as annoying as answering an unknown number and find that it is a commercial trying to sell you the latest rate of your phone company. Well, if there is, let this happen while waiting for an important call. And this is where Truecaller, Mr. Number and Whoscall come in .

These three applications are really similar both in functionality and effectiveness, and in all three cases are free, so choose the one you choose, you will surely save a few useless calls. Their operation is simple, they integrate with the dialer and they cross the information of their databases with the numbers of the incoming calls . If you identify a suspicious number, it notifies you at the time of the call. So, say goodbye to wasting your time with this nonsense.

And you, how do you usually face these commercials? Do you hang on or hang up?

 Truecaller - Identificación de Spams y  Bloquear
Truecaller - Identificación de Spams y Bloquear

Mr. Number: Call Block & Reverse Lookup

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

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