Security agents can spy on your iPhone without your permission -


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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Security agents can spy on your iPhone without your permission

Since the FBI asked Apple for help in resolving a case in order to unlock the iPhone from San Bernardino iOS security is in question.

The privacy and security of the users is paramount for Apple, but the company can not prevent some government institutions from "spying" our devices to obtain data, locations and information.

Kevin McAleenan, a member of the Customs and Border Protection Commission (CBP) , has confirmed that the agents of that institution can search your devices without having a compelling reason for it. Be that as it may, and luckily, at least they can not access the data stored in iCloud .

Border Protection agents sought information on more than 5,000 devices a month in the United States

Ron Wyden, an Oregon senator, sent a letter in February asking for an explanation as to why Customs and Border Protection agents had increased their searches on people's devices traveling to and from the United States.

Only that month, February 2017, agents sought information on more than 5,000 traveler devices . A high contrast if we compare the data with those of the year 2015, in which 5,000 devices were searched throughout the year.

Kevin McAleenan's response centered on agents scouting on so many devices because they were collecting information on crimes related to child pornography and other threats to national security .

Importantly, the government can not access data stored in iCloud , but many of them (Facebook postings, emails, application files) may also be stored on the device. Therefore an agent could access them, as long as you do not refuse to reveal your password.

Who knows, we may soon see how an innocent citizen is arrested and sent to jail for refusing to give his password in one of those popular Customs Control programs ...

Does the government have the right to know our data at all times without cause? Can they spy on our terminal for no reason? Is our privacy at the mercy of the state security forces? What do you think about this curious news? Should Apple do something about it?

Source | The Mac Observer

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