Siri may be more clever, but every time you want her less -


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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Siri may be more clever, but every time you want her less

Siri has been a major leap in terms of digital assistants. At the time, managed to get us from simple applications with complex and unattractive designs that said to be organizers to introduce us into the world of voice assistants. Siri got companies to seriously consider introducing new methods of device interaction , not only on mobile phones, but also in other electronic devices.

Years later, these programs have improved in precision and utility, but it does not seem to convince the general public that they expected a more remarkable improvement. Attendees now incorporate technologies such as automated learning to respond to users' requests more quickly . However, in the case of Siri, it is not something so novel, and is missing the ability to see really important changes in the assistant.

They still have a lot to learn, hopefully they will do so before they stop being completely popular.

Luckily for Apple, Siri still retains the throne of popularity rating of digital assistants , beating out others like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. However, this could change over time, since in the last year, the wizard has lost 15% of its active users . The second place is for Samsung S Voice, which is expected to be relieved by Bixby in the coming months, and it may be this move that can move Apple in the future.

At least, if the company does not make Siri again as attractive as it was at its launch. Something that would not only suit the digital assistant itself, but also the future products of Apple, which would manage to recover the program as one of the most interesting points of iOS .

What were your last requests to Siri?

Via | 9to5Mac

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