Siri takes a walk around the language school on iOS 11 to help us communicate better -


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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Siri takes a walk around the language school on iOS 11 to help us communicate better

Over time, Apple has managed to create one of the best digital assistants in the world, able to respond to a variety of queries and respond to our requests quickly. Siri has become, over the years, a fundamental piece of iOS. And now, with the latest version will improve even more if it fits, first presenting an improved auto-learning capability, along with ability to further integrate with third-party apps .

But the new version of Siri also includes other important news that may have gone unnoticed with all the new features that iOS 11 has brought users. Among them is a very useful function for those trips abroad in which we do not know very well what to say, those moments in which we do not know if we are asking for a taxi or an ambulance. From now on, Siri will have the ability to serve as a translator .

Now Siri can translate from English to five other languages

Throughout these years, if there was something missing in Siri, it was this function. Many users were fed up with having to use apps like Google Translator to solve simple queries. Now, at last, they will not have to. At least, if you use the American version of Siri , since at the moment is the only one that allows to use this functionality. By simply telling or writing what you want to translate, Siri will be able to present the translation in Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and French .

It is hoped that in the future both the range of languages ​​available for translation will increase, and, of course, the countries in which the function is available. If you want to try this new feature and have a language other than English in Siri, remember that you can change it from the Settings app in the Siri section .

And you, how do you see Siri as a Google Translator competition?

Via | Cult of Mac

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