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Sunday, 23 July 2017

So you can have Augmented Reality on your iPhone

After several months of talking about it, you may be a little sick of hearing things about augmented reality. This technology, has gradually become a mass phenomenon thanks to games like Pokémon GO, or devices such as Microsoft HoloLens. However, we all know that the big user explosion will not come until the next iPhone 8 is on the road along with the new version of iOS.

And this new phone, if the rumors are true, will focus much of its innovation on becoming the perfect vehicle for augmented reality applications . And this will not only happen with the new hardware dedicated to this type of functions, but also will take part the new version of the operating system of Apple. The iOS 11 update will finally bring the ARKit tools, which will allow developers complete freedom to create specific, fully optimized apps.

Increased quality of reality for all audiences

But not everyone will be able to afford it or want to buy an iPhone 8. That's why a start-up called Mira , has decided to launch the market that could be the best augmented reality helmet . For your price range, of course. The Prism AR is an accessory for iPhone that, in the style of HoloLens, allows us to add "holograms" to the real world with different applications, ranging from entertainment to education.

And the most interesting thing about this helmet, which has already gained the confidence of several big investors, is that it will be available to more people than the HoloLens. All thanks to a price of 99 dollars, which includes the command that will allow us to control the experiences in a simple way. So, if you want to take this important technological leap, but you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on having the best equipment, maybe Prism AR is your perfect team.

Source | UploadVR

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