Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition hits the App Store

Capcom Mobile has announced that Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition , an updated version of Street Fighter IV featuring new characters and features, is now available on the App Store.

According to the announcement, the game has 25 playable characters , including 3 totally new ones: Poison, Ibuki and Dudley. In addition, the company has announced that over the next few months will reach up to 6 new characters for free.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition lands on the App Store

Likewise, Capcom emphasizes that high-resolution graphics and the ability to enjoy the game with an MFi controller have been added instead of the typical on-screen touch controls.

Otherwise, the game has several levels of difficulty and the possibility of playing online against players around the world through a 4G data network or a Wi-Fi connection, the latter being the best to enjoy an optimal Gaming experience.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is available for $ 5.49 and is universal .

 Street Fighter IV Champion Edition (AppStore Link) Street Fighter IV Champion Edition
Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd 
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