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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Surprise everyone with these magic tricks for iPhone

Surely many of you will meet Simon Pierro , a German magician and illusionist popularly known for performing magic tricks with iPhone, iPad and other Apple products. Your videos are especially fun!

But this time we will not talk about it, this time YOU will be the one to leave everyone with open mouth with magic tricks specially designed for the Apple iPhone (and other smartphones, of course).

Each trick comes with its subsequent explanation , and you do not need expensive materials or mysterious objects belonging to the magic world. And everything is explained in a video. Abracadabra, this magic will leave you speechless!

10 magic tricks for you to do with your iPhone

The YouTuber EvanEraTV has posted a video in which shows us 10 fun magic tricks to do with the Apple iPhone . In the video you will learn how to put an iPhone inside a bottle, how to make it look like a screen goes through your screen, how to make the application icons disappear and much more.

There is no waste, there is even a simple "magic trick" that can be used as a "prank" to spend a joke to your friends and family so that they think that your iPhone or iPad has been broken screen. What a face they are going to have!

Although there are some pretty simple magic tricks, such as text replacement from the Settings app, the truth is that most of them are spectacular . To us the magic trick that we liked the most is the handkerchief that crosses the screen of the iPhone. It looks super real! True? What is the magic trick that you liked the most? We hope you have fun with these tricks and, as always, we encourage you to participate in the comments section.

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