The 10-nanometer A10X processor in the iPad Pro is smaller and more powerful than ever -


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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The 10-nanometer A10X processor in the iPad Pro is smaller and more powerful than ever

Apple introduced two new iPad Pro models in WWDC 17 . Both have an A10X Fusion processor developed by TSMC. The chip offers CPU performance 30% faster than the previous generation of iPad Pro, and they were already incredibly powerful, so imagine!

Another of the most interesting factors of this hardware update reflects a 40% more speed in graphics performance .

Today TechInsights has analyzed the A10X processor in the iPad Pro in depth, confirming that the FinFET 10 nanometer process was used in its manufacture .

The A9X chip and the A10 chip of previous generations used processes of 16 nm in its manufacture

The 10 nanometer FinFET process was carried out by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). A completely new process that has led the company to position itself above Samsung and Intel in the manufacturing of Apple's mobile devices.

Thus, TSMC has become the first company in the world to incorporate a 10-nanometer chip into a technology device.

The A7 chip from Apple used a 28-nanometer process, the A8 chip used a 20-nanometer process, on the other hand the A9 and A10 chips used a 16-nanometer process.

In addition, it is curious to discover that the A10X chips of the new iPad Pro are 24% smaller than the A10 generation . In other words, Apple has never had a processor as small as the A10X. Smaller and more powerful, how wonderful technology is!

In this graphic statistics it is clearly seen how the system of the processors (SoC) of Apple has been varying its size during the last years:

And in the following table you can compare all the specifications of the new A10X processor with respect to the previous Apple chips (A9X, A8X and A6X):

Apple took advantage of the 10-nanometer process of the A10X processor to reduce the size of the chip, and is that every millimeter of the hardware components of the iPhone and iPad is important to provide consumers with more comfortable, lighter, thinner and more Lightweight

Source | MacRumors

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