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Friday, 28 July 2017

The 5 Most Exciting Things Apple Will Take This Year

Every year the same happens, Apple launches new products and rumors about the next iPhone begin to appear. However, the iPhone is not the only product that gives to talk . All the devices that are to come this year have something new or some mystery that can make us want to own one or know more about this.

And although Steve Jobs left the company for "health problems," his legacy is still at Apple and the company continues to try to innovate to the fullest. Maybe there are certain things that Steve would have been different, however, Apple evolves based on the work of Steve Jobs and so they try to always develop the best products on the market , adding innovative components that make the difference in the designs of their competitors in the future.

Today I bring you the 5 products that Apple is going to take this year which more than one of you will end up buying.

IMac Pro

The new Apple iMac, the best iMac to date - and the most expensive - thus practically becoming a Mac Pro integrated into a 5K display . Why put a computer tower separate from the screen if you can put an iMac server processor? 18 Intel Xeon cores are not turkey mucus, this is the power made processor. On the other hand, 128GB of RAM also go unnoticed, we talk about a computer that could practically pass through a server (except because it will heat up horrors). And it not only resembles a server by its components, also in its price, since its launch price will be 5,000 euros.

Neither does it sound like it's something to get so excited, however, you have to think it through. We speak of an all in one, the most powerful that has ever been made, at the same time as the thinnest and compact . For everyone who believes that the design of a computer is as important as power (like me), this computer is a dream reachable from 5,000 euros, focused on professional design programs, animation and music. The iMac Pro will be the perfect working tool for any professional.

IPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus

But ... If Apple is going to launch the iPhone 8, why do I want an iPhone 7s? My friend, that question has an easy answer. The iPhone 8 will cost as a Macbook , we are talking about a phone that will be worth as a high-end laptop, a spending of money that not everyone is willing to afford. However, the iPhone 7s will incorporate the same processor its perfect brother , the iPhone 8, which will make it equal or faster than this. Maybe we will not have an infinity screen or a strange Touch ID that still nobody knows how it will be, but if we can live without all that, the iPhone 7s will love it.

Apple Watch Series 3

For me, the main reason why this device is incredibly exciting, is very simple. If this new watch comes out, the Apple Watch Series 2 will come down in price . Yes, maybe the Series 3 has important components that will change the way you use the watch and such, but I'm interested in the Series 2 for its water resistance.

However, this upcoming Apple smartwatch does not look bad, it is possible that they change the design and also add an infinity screen to this, which would make it an incredible and very innovative device.

IPhone 8

IPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro ... Call it what you want, but everyone knows it (for now) as iPhone 8. This device will have a very expected design change , incorporate an infinity screen and probably a new Touch ID that is not Has ever seen. It will not be cheap, everyone knows, but it will be impressive. In my opinion, one of the best points of this phone is that it retains its small phone size but with the screen of an iPhone 7 Plus .

Apple gets into the car of smart home speakers. And when you have to say it is said, it does not seem like they have done anything new, it is something that already existed in other companies . However, this speaker itself can be the best manufactured of all . It will incorporate a screen at the top and the design of the speaker is very careful, both outside and pro inside.

Normally, the giant of Cupertino does not go so much head taking out so many new things in so little time. It seems that they see their throne threatened by competition and have decided to highlight somehow . Undoubtedly, they have succeeded. This year is the year of Apple and it is more than sure that many of those who are reading this will buy at least one of the products mentioned .

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