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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The 5 tricks to save money with your Apple Watch

When you buy a watch, you expect the battery to last for months or even years. Unfortunately, Smartwatches are another very different topic. This, of course, includes the Apple watch, the Apple Watch. These smart watches need to be charged every day even though they sometimes last a bit longer and this becomes quite annoying, it's still a trickster to plug into the stream.

As with any other device that depends on a battery, the Apple Watch has certain tricks to save battery and, in this way, to make our watch last a little longer without having to connect to the power.

Cheats to save battery

Here I present 5 tips and tricks that can go very well when it comes to saving battery life with our smart watch . Although many are quite obvious, they all help the performance of your battery is improved.

Restart Apple Watch

As with all smart devices, a reboot closes all applications and clears the cache and RAM of the clock . It is a good way to find out if our clock has any problems with any application and will eliminate certain problems or conflicts that exist in this one.

Turn off the "Raise the wrist"

With this function activated, the clock display automatically turns on when we want to see the time, but many times this is activated inadvertently with some gesture . Each time the screen is activated inadvertently is a battery that goes with that ignition.

Close apps in the background

As in the iPhone, you have to get used to closing the applications that we have open in the background . To do this, we just have to open an app and hold the side button until we get the power options, then we keep it pressed and take us to the home screen.

Turn off system animations

By reducing the movement of the interface, the clock will have to load fewer animations . To disable these, we must do it in a way similar to how it would be done on an iPhone. We go to the application of Watch of our iPhone and from Accessibility we activate "Reduce Movement" and "Reduce Transparencies".

Activate Energy Saver mode

It sounds like something we should do from the beginning, however, it is better to leave it for extreme cases, as this mode limits the clock to tell us the time, greatly lengthening the duration of our battery .

To activate this, we only have to press the side button until the different options of energy and medical data appear.

With these tricks, your smart watch will last much longer without the need to connect to the power . It will not last like a classic clock that works with a button stack, but we will not have to worry so much about loading the device.

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