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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The 7 things that Siri does in the new short of The Rock and Apple

Apple has recently shared a new commercial spot on the iPhone 7 with the idea of ​​making a "movie" with Dwayne Johnson (popularly known as The Rock) and with Siri as co-star.

The rock

The promotional ad has been titled as "iPhone 7 - The Rock vs. Siri Dominate the Day" and it highlights all the things Siri can do for iPhone users. All, of course, accompanied by an immeasurable dose of action.

Dwayne Johnson‏Verified account
Teamed w/ @Apple to make the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?) movie ever. Drops TOMORROW!
#ROCKxSIRI #DominateYourDay✊🏾

Next we leave you with the commercial spot video of Siri and Dwayne Johnson . It's great fun, do not miss it!

Calendar and reminders

At first, The Rock begins by asking Siri to read his daily schedule and to-do lists. He then embarks on his adventure by asking Siri to call a Uber to take him to the airport.


Once inside the car, which of course asks to drive himself, The Rock asks Siri about the temperature he will make today in Rome.


In the next scene we see The Rock painting the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican City (Rome) and asks Siri to read his last email.


He then orders Siri to show him the pictures of his new fashion line, and the ad shows us an extravagant and fun modeling slip presented by himself.

Kitchen Measures

Afterwards, The Rock decides that he wants to cook, so he asks Siri to write a text message to a famous chef.


Of course, there was no shortage of Dwayne Johnson asking Siri to do a selfie, but the fun and the amazing thing about it is that he does it while he's tied to the International Space Station in full space and with Earth in the background .

As you may have noticed, the virtual assistant Siri is able to perform all kinds of actions and functions on iPhone and iPad . And that's what Apple wanted to do in its fun new commercial spot!

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