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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The best Samsung phone can be the iPhone 9

Of all it is known that Samsung, beyond being one of the great players in the world of smartphones, is a web maker has divisions of many different spheres. Screens, processors, memories, batteries, etc ... Why do we say that Samsung's best smartphone will be the iPhone 9?

We all know that Samsung is an Apple supplier in various parts of the current iPhone. Memory and battery of many of the techniques of the Cupertino are manufactured by Samsung.

Now we also know that the next iPhone, whatever it's called, will have an OLED screen made by the Korean giant. That is, there are fewer and fewer electronic components of the iPhone that are not manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung will manufacture the iPhone 9 almost completely

One of the jewel in the crown of Apple are its processors. These are being manufactured recently by TSMC, a Taiwanese company that has been collaborating with Cupertino for a long time. This is one of the few components of the iPhone that is not currently manufactured by Samsung.

Well, has appeared a report that aims to the processor of the next iPhone 9 will be manufactured by Samsung. It seems that Apple to chose Samsung semiconductor and are seem to be the only one able to manufacture chips in 7 mm in quantities needed for the iPhone 9.

If this point is confirmed we would be talking about the iPhone 9 will have a screen, a memory, a processor and a battery manufactured by Samsung. That's why we say that the best Samsung Smartphone will be the iPhone 9. If that is so it seems that the only thing the iPhone 9 that will not manufacture Samsung will be the unibody body of it. That is, the entire electronic part of the iPhone will be manufactured by its most direct opponent in the smartphone market.

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