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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The BlackBerry KeyOne fixes your screen, but you will not know when you buy it

A few weeks ago there was a controversy with some units of the BlackBerry KeyOne to which the screen was dislodged. It seems to have been fixed, but there is a "but" on the way.

Many of us know the (sad) story of BlackBerry , the leading Canadian telephony company once. After abandoning its old devices and venturing into the world of Android (perhaps too late) has pulled out various devices that have not fully set , such as the BlackBerry KeyOne or the BlackBerry Priv. Devices with a clear claim: they continue to use physical keyboard . And of the KeyOne is of which we will speak because, if you remember, there was a problem with many units. And they had the "small" inconvenience that the screen of the body of the terminal was detached . Yes it is.

After a controversy of diverse extension, we know that the Canadian firm has put the batteries and has solved the problem in new units. And many will say: how good! Now I can buy my KeyOne without problems! As a certain meme would say, "let's calm down." Unfortunately for the fans of the company, this problem persists in the old units that have not been withdrawn. Although he has to talk a little about what is happening, so he picks up popcorn, the story has crumbs.

More adhesive on the BlackBerry KeyOne

What is this problem? Well, as we could see in the JerryRigEverything video of the above post (which I recommend you see) the problem lay on the screen. Having the physical keyboard occupy the second part of the device, the screen is attached to the body and ... well, it was detached. Just as you are reading it. According to various media and forums, several users reported that after a slight fall, the screen was removed from its place as if it was not stuck to anything. Considering the high price of this terminal, the anger was not long in coming.

The solution has been simple: more adhesive has been added to the part where the screen is located so that it does not come out. According to a statement that you will find in English in the forums of Crackberry , this measure has been tried so that a simple fall does not provoke again the problem. We have translated the words of an official representative of BlackBerry on the matter:

"As we've seen in Kevin's durability test , the BlackBerry KeyOne has been designed to deliver a smart, different and highly durable smartphone experience that can meet normal everyday use.

In an additional effort to ensure that all our BlackBerry Mobile customers and fans have an exceptional experience, we are implementing additional measures that add even more strength and adhesive to the BlackBerry KeyOne screen. These new measures are already being implemented in the new KeyOne and are beginning to affect our inventories of retailers and carriers, and will continue to be in stock throughout the summer. If you have already purchased the BlackBerry KeyOne, you are fully covered by our manufacturer's warranty, so if any problems arise, get in touch with us and we can help you with a replacement warranty if necessary. "

That BlackBerry is aware of the issue and also provides facilities is good news. But in the note we draw a factor that worries and that has already been commented in different forums. Specifies that the new BlackBerry KeyOne drives coming to market will have this problem solved, but it does not talk about the old drives that are still being sold. Nothing has been said about replenishing stock or removing the last shipment, so the risk is clear: it is possible that if you buy a KeyOne your screen suffers the problem of the poor adhesive.

Worst of all is that it is quite difficult to differentiate an affected KeyOne from a new one. The date the problem was "solved" is unknown, so the sticker indicating the manufacture is not worth anything. The fact that you spend enough money   In a device and that you play Russian roulette with him is, at least, reprehensible. And I would like to make a small reflection that although it is not going to hurt, I think it precedes in these moments.

BlackBerry ... what's wrong with you?

I've always had a lot of respect for BlackBerry. His idea of small devices with physical keyboard seemed fascinating and different to me. It was an alternative to the same old devices. And thanks to good commercial tactics, he was able to become a more privileged place in mobile telephony. The problem came when Android and iOS ate the terrain: the Canadian firm made exactly the same mistake as Nokia, not knowing how to fall off the throne.

BlackBerry failed just like Nokia in not knowing how to handle the advent of Android
Since then, they have given only blind sticks. While its BlackBerry 10 system was not bad at all, the problem lay in its totally illogical business strategy . Devices "normalitos" with an exorbitant price and whose only attractiveness was the maintenance of the physical keyboard. We have the perfect example of the BlackBerry Priv, a device that even said this demolishing phrase: "I do not want it or my worst enemy."

In addition to being no less a device deserving the 600 euros worth , KeyOne has not only proven to preserve the same path, but also seems to have been treated with the mime it should. If you are going to make a device where the screen is attached, why not put adhesive? Or even better. Why do not you screw it up? Do you seriously make a phone that goes through various quality tests whose screen you fall to the minimum blow? And worth 600 euros?

Far from sharing my opinion on KeyOne in particular, I will say that BlackBerry has let me down , and a lot. This really is not an attack, but a criticism. I want this firm to do well, it deserves it, and it has given me many reasons to marvel at technology in my early days. But when someone does things wrong, there is no more than another colleja. And I really hope that BlackBerry knows how to adapt to modern times and does not freeze between the cracks of its past glory.

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