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Sunday, 2 July 2017

The creator of Cydia jay freeman: "The Dead"

Since the release of the last jailbreak for iOS, almost 12 months have passed. One of the first iPhone hackers and the creator of the informal app store Cydia jay freeman said the jailbreak is "dead".

In March of this year after the departure of the security update of iOS 10.3 famous hacker Lucas Тодеско, specialized in the theft of iOS and several times in the first showed security flaws, announced the cessation of Activities related to jailbreak development.

In his Twitter-account Тодеско called the iOS 10.3 update "pretty good in the security update". According to the creator of Cydia, is one of the main reasons why iPhone and iPad owners are now not available tools to jailbreak the latest versions of iOS.

Apple has been seriously busy jailbreak locking in the past year. In early 2016-go, the company hired a team of known security experts jailbreak Chronic and P0sixninja developers. Will Страфак, known under the nickname Chronic and joshua hill, whose name is P0sixninja, work to protect the iPhone and iPad. Two major hackers, along with a group of other jailbreak-developers have created a new platform under the name of Apollo. Developers call it "the Next Generation Security Platform."

The jailbreak is a developer of joshua hill (P0sixninja) works at Apple

"We know the iOS operating system over and over, for many years we have studied its features. We know weak points, which should pay attention, we know which parts of the code are less reserved and vulnerable to attacks of a new type, "hackers said. Now, instead of working on джейлбрейком, the best jailbreak minds in the community with the same persistence work to make the operating system "absolutely safe".

The jailbreak is a developer of will Страфак (Chronic) works on Apple

The hackers Chronic P0sixninja entered the command of Chronic Dev Team, that over several years has published эксплоиты jailbreak.

In March this year Apple переманила the ex-jailbreak-developer jonathan Здзярски. In the new place he has held the position of data analysis engineer and security. The specialist never missed the opportunity to criticize Apple for a security hole in iOS. He devoted many articles, interviews and even live transmissions to search for vulnerabilities in the operating system.

The jailbreak is a jonathan Здзярски developer last March at Apple

According to freeman, decreased interest in the джейлбрейку partly related to the empowerment of iOS. With the development of the platform, users are getting less reason to put iPhone джейлбрейку, consider a hacker. "Once upon a time the jailbreak meant installation not available on iOS functions. Today the iOS operating system includes many of these features, and the need for Cydia твиках passes. That's why users are less interested джейлбрейком, "he explained.

In Jay Freeman's view, there are four main causes of the "death" jailbreak:

  • Apple has improved security and making jailbreaking more difficult.
  • If a hacker finds the vulnerability, you can make money on the sale of up to $ 1 million
  • Most jailbreak-developers have found a well-paid job in the field of security.
  • If you can create a jailbreak, you open the vulnerability of security.

"It is deadly spiral: fewer and fewer people are interested in the джейлбрейком and as a result of everything but the developers create interesting products, and users there is no reason to do the jailbreak, freeman said. - That is, fewer people who do the jailbreak, and as a result, all but the developers are interested in them. Then he slowly dies. "

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