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Saturday, 29 July 2017

The dark side of the apple: everything that Apple is hiding you

Apple , as a company, has always tried to give a clear, transparent, multicultural image and a company concerned about the environment and the safety of its consumers.

Still, the apple bite company still has some secrets to hide ... In this article we review some of the most sounded.

From the conditions of their workers to the safety of their products, to environmental problems and much more. Do not miss it!

1. Safety of your products

The name of this department of Apple sounds very innocent, very normal. But it hides a little secret. The security of Apple products is occupied by ex-spies, ex-servicemen and former members of other intelligence and security groups . Interestingly, we know of the existence of this department "anti-leaks" ... by a leak. Ironic, right?

2. Fees and taxes

Apple has managed to become a billionaire company, but behind its reputation for success in the technology device market there is a secret story. Apple is protected by certain laws to evade taxes and fees . In fact, Tim Cook himself has mentioned that hidden money will not return to the United States until taxes are "fairer."

3. Environmental problems

Apple is one of the companies that care more about the environment . They use renewable energy in their data centers, in Apple Park and in their supply chain. But it has not always been the case ... In 2010, a group of activists criticized Apple for allowing its suppliers to contaminate China . Up to 27 associated companies were criticized for environmental problems from heavy metal pollution and toxic gases.

4. Conditions of their workers

We are all familiar with Apple's mobile devices, but not many are aware of its manufacturing process. A student spent six weeks working at the Pegatron facility near Shanghai, and revealed the horrible conditions of the workers of this Apple supplier: 12 hours of work a day, $ 2 an hour ... Even in Foxconn there are problems, later Of two deaths of employees due to the poor state of the machinery. Although they do not directly concern Apple, the company should do something, they are very, very shady secrets ...

5. Profit Margin

The iPhone is not a precisely cheap device. Many wonder if their prices are really inflated. Recently, IHS Markit revealed the cost of fabrication, materials, components and assembly of the iPhone 7 . In summary, for each unit the company pocketed about $ 424, and without taking into account the increase of the price in countries outside the United States. Whether it is fair or not is another matter.

Via | IDropNews

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