The delay of the iPhone 8 is still a possibility -


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Thursday, 27 July 2017

The delay of the iPhone 8 is still a possibility

Rumors about the iPhone 8 do not cease. In a single day, the release date is dancing in a really incredible way. And is that the media do not agree when deciding whether or not there will be a delay in leaving the terminal more promising of the company of Cupertino. And let's face it, that's something that's making us really nervous, because we want to know if we can have our new iPhone 8 in the same month of September or if we have to wait a little longer.

In this case, it has been the Japanese website Mac Otakara , famous for having revealed in the past certain information about the launches of Apple, who has indicated, as other media did before him, that there would be a delay in putting in Sale of the new top of range. This would again contrast with reports that there would be no such change. The main question is whether there are really problems in the production of the components of this new model.

The new phone would largely meet our expectations, although its output is still unclear

And is that this new iPhone would take in its interior, is not at all turkey mucus. As innovative elements as the OLED screen with integrated fingerprint sensor, something that according to the same reports would still be seen after the disappearance of the Touch ID, or 3D sensors designed to improve the operation of the augmented reality apps would be costing Apple some Good headaches Dolores, remember, we will have to pay users with a sale price that would be significantly higher than other high-end phones already available in the market.

If it is late or not, it is something that we will have to discover in the expected event of September. All eyes will be on the company team and its presentation, and finally we will leave behind all these rumors. For now, we just have to be aware of what happens to the most awaited phone in Apple's history . A phone that, as I always say, we hope it will not disappoint us. Although with the high expectations it is forming, it would not be surprising.

And you, are you still waiting for the iPhone 8 as the first day?

Via | MacRumors

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