The first iPhone of 2007 against the iPhone 7: proof of the durability of the [video]

With the output of each new iPhone the bloggers at the stop try to test the novelty of the resistance in the different tests. Probably, the public likes, therefore, the staff of the insurance company SquareTrade decided to perform the comparative iPhone 7 and original iPhone 2G.

The test consisted of Underwater diving and falling on the asphalt. It is necessary to mention that the iPhone 7 protected against water and dust according to IP67 standard, while the iPhone 2G of this presume can not. It is not difficult to guess that the Apple smartphone from the first generation of the test on the water was wrong, and the iPhone 7 has remained fully functional.

As for the drop-test, it seems, it is necessary to wait another 10 years for the smartphones appeared, which can fall into the concrete without fear of breaking the screen. Both devices have received significant damage after the fall, which is not surprising, as it is a crystal.

It is not clear that the authors of the video wanted to show these proofs. Maybe nothing. However, it is very painful to see how the old man 2G is destroyed without mercy.

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