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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Galaxy Note 8 feature that will not have the iPhone 8

Following the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 , Samsung will return to the charge with the launch of Galaxy Note 8. The company does not seem to have done anything wrong with the Galaxy S8 models and its Infinity screens. And, apparently, leaks indicate that the new smartphone will also be very successful in the market.

Samsung is expected to introduce and market the new Galaxy Note 8 during August or September. As the leaks indicate, the terminal will feature a feature that the iPhone 8 will not have ...

Samsung could have opted to maintain the headphone jack of the Galaxy Note 8 , while Apple withdrew it on the iPhone 7 to make way for a future without cables .

Samsung does not have value to remove the 3.5mm jack

As they point very well from Mashable , Samsung does not seem to have enough value to remove the headphone jack of the Galaxy Note 8.

In the picture of the tweet that we share then you will see how the covers have holes specially designed for a USB-C port and other holes for the headphones jack .

 The other holes that appear on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 filtered cases belong to the microphone, the S Pen stylus and the speakers.

On the other hand, the following image would reflect the design of the Galaxy Note 8 , with a dual camera in the back. Do you the design?

There is much debate on this issue. Some users think that it is good to replace this old connector to make way for new technologies and other development paths. But many other users say it is a step back , as the smartphone industry is not yet ready to devise a future without cables. What do you think? Can the 3.5mm jack coexist with the Bluetooth headset?

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