The HomePod will come in 2018, but it will be worth the wait -


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Monday, 31 July 2017

The HomePod will come in 2018, but it will be worth the wait

Apple's HomePod will begin shipping in December, but will not be until 2018 when it arrives in Spain and other countries. Yesterday the bite apple company released the accessory firmware and developer Steve Troughton-Smith has shared some data he has discovered under his code.

With the name "AudioAccessory1,1" the firmware shows us that the HomePod runs a system very similar to iOS , in fact, basically it is an iPhone without screen.

The firmware is supported by an application called "SoundBoard" to integrate with the hardware of the device.

As well pointed out from MacRumors applications have the prefix "Air" in the firmware of the HomePod and apparently currently no support has been found for third-party applications or extensions in your operating system.

The Apple HomePod might have an LED indicator that shows detailed information

It has also recently been discovered that Apple's HomePod will include accessibility features like VoiceOver . In addition, Steve Troughton-Smith has also found references to an LED array, possibly related to the upper area of ​​Apple's smart speaker. This LED may show shapes or symbols.

So far, we only know that the "+" and "-" symbols can be displayed along with a Siri button on the top of the device, so the existence of an LED in this zone could present additional information to the user, such as icons Or a graphic equalizer.

The Apple HomePod will arrive in 2018 for $ 349 . It will have a high frequency speaker with custom amplifier, 7 audio outputs and a system of 6 microphones . Among its technical specifications we find an A8 processor . Apple will continue to make changes to the software that runs this new accessory before its official launch in December.

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