The iPad and the iPhone will be more expensive thanks to the new digital canon -


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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The iPad and the iPhone will be more expensive thanks to the new digital canon

It's official: habemus new digital canon in Spain . If in 2010 already approved a non-controversial that was finally declared invalid by the Padawan ruling by not conforming to European Union regulations, after months of speculation about a possible digital canon that would tax technology products including iPod , IPad and iPhone - but extendable to any smartphone and tablet - this is already a reality.

This is the new digital canon

Since July 3, 2017 has entered into force the new digital license and yes, it will mean an increase in the prices of CDs and DVDs, but also in smartphones and tablets , whose power to raise prices will correspond to the manufacturers, who probably They will drop that weight on the consumer.

And there will be two options: that the companies take on that small increase, thus increasing the fixed cost of production or otherwise throw the ball to the roof of the buyer. But is this increase a little or a little?

The DVDs and CDs will be taxed at 21 cents in their final price, certainly a considerable increase, although their use is less and less.

Eye because the biggest rise is taken by the hard drives , which will see how their prices amount to 12 euros more than its current price, something especially painful for SSD, the real wonder of the market.

Any smartphone, no matter what brand or operating system you have, so Windows Phone, Android or Apple iOS will suffer equally in their meats, will cost 1.10 euros more, may be a risque increase compared to the Selling price of the leading handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 809, the 479 euros of the OnePlus 5 or the 769 euros of the iPhone 7, however it would be a bit creepy to fall on us .

The most affected are the tablets , which will see their prices increase by 3.15 euros over the final price. It is clear that if you buy an iPad Pro, which costs 729 euros, the increase will not be significant, however if you settle for a low-end Android tablet, yes that percentage will be noticed more.

However, the one who is not content is because he does not want to . And is that in Spain the rise has not been as noticeable as in other countries like France or Germany, where they pay respectively 6 euros more for smartphones and 8 euros for tablets.

What do you think of this rise? Do you think it's fair that we pay the buyers?

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