The iPhone 8 confirmed in detail by Forbes -


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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The iPhone 8 confirmed in detail by Forbes

The iPhone 8 confirmed in detail by Forbes

As every year in the second half of the same we are waiting for the presentation of the new annual iPhone. In this case everything confirms that, despite being a quite remarkable date of the life of the iPhone in the market the same will be called iPhone 8. So far everything has been speculations and leaks of dubious confidence as to its design. However today we bring you the iPhone 8 as confirmed by Forbes, a fairly reliable source within journalism. So from today we can say that the iPhone 8 is confirmed at all its ends by means of a reliable source.

Overall, the design is quite similar to the previously known iPhone 8 information. So we will have an iPhone without any edge of the screen, even the top edge and the bottom edge of the screen are also removed. Above only a small space to put cameras and sensors.

The size of the iPhone 8 screen will be 5.8 inches and will use OLED panels. So the screen of the iPhone 8 will be bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus that had a size of 5.5 inches. However, because the screen expands and fills the entire front, the size of the iPhone 8 will not be too large. Something like that happened with the Galaxy S8 and will happen with Note 8 .

The back of the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a double camera, arranged vertically rather than horizontally like the iPhone 7 Plus. This change seems to have been made in order to help better support the augmented reality technology of the iPhone 8.

Forbes sources also confirmed that the typical Apple connector will not be replaced by USB type C, as previously rumored. In addition, the 3.5mm audio port will not return.

An interesting detail is about the power button of the iPhone 8. The location of the power button changes, however, according to this design, the size of the power button is much larger than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Confirmed iPhone 8 design

Having the fingerprint reader under the touch screen of the iPhone 8 is still a great incognita. While the physical home button is removed and there is no sensor in the back, so Apple may adopt and not copied to Sony and is studying the advantage of placing your fingerprint sensor on the iPhone power button 8.

Contrary to the design information confirmed by Forbes itself, the latter referring to the fingerprint sensor is not confirmed in any extreme.

There are many details about the iPhone 8 that have not yet been revealed. Such as battery capacity, detailed dual camera conditions or performance of the new A11 chip. But yes it seems are this is the definitive design of the iPhone 8 confirmed

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