The iPhone 8 will be cheaper than you think ... but with trick -


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Thursday, 6 July 2017

The iPhone 8 will be cheaper than you think ... but with trick

Where I say, I say Diego. It's no secret that iPhone sales over the last few months have been unobtrusive , in fact, 2016 marked a milestone in Apple's history as the first sales to undergo some construction, and although the iPhone 7 is quietly performing , Has been quite a terminal that hardly innovates - apart from the premium features of the Plus model, with the rear dual camera as a sign. The truth is missing some emotion.

With that intention will arrive this September the iPhone 8 , to shake the market and demonstrate who orders here : borderless screen with integrated button, facial recognition thanks to its 3D sensor, improved battery using SLP technology, fast charging and wireless charging ... are many Novelties for the biggest cycle change in history, and innovation comes at a price. In fact, quite high judging by rumors that the iPhone 8 would exceed a thousand euros .

Of course, for that money many will dare to take the step and acquire it, but surely others will bet for a terminal less innovative but more secure. To stop this possible loss of customers, there is speculation that there will be a series of discounts by operators to encourage their purchase , although at the moment these operators do not affect us by not working in Spain, it is expected that our old acquaintances Movistar, Orange or Vodafone also do, in fact it would not be the first time.

Of course, although Apple restrains itself, the price should not be too far from those thousand euros that already cost other Android devices , because not something else, but Apple has never been distinguished by offering popular prices with quite a good result to date. And it is no coincidence that the iPhone 7 Plus is sold better than the simple version: your customers want the best and are willing to pay for it .

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