The iPhone 8 will come in 4 colors ... but sure the mirror effect is your favorite -


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Sunday, 9 July 2017

The iPhone 8 will come in 4 colors ... but sure the mirror effect is your favorite

About three months after its launch, we know almost everything of the iPhone 8 : its screen with OLED technology without borders and integrated home button, its glass housing to allow inductive wireless charging, 3D sensor in its front camera for facial recognition ... but there are always surprises that leave us with our mouths open. The latter comes from the hand of the "sneak" par excellence on Twitter, Benjamin Geskin and refers to a new color: that of the mirror effect .

Yes, because if the already iconic Ray-Ban mirrored the state-of-the-art state security forces are a classic complement to our cabinets that takes us accompanying more than half a century, the mirrored iPhone 8 will not be less . As we do not have an image, Geskin himself has shown us the cover of his iPhone, also with mirror effect, so we can get an idea:

As you see, the finish is quite similar to the old iPods , what happens is that with the borderless screen and its construction in glass and steel, the futuristic feeling is going to be far superior to the image we have in mind when we think of An iPod.

In addition to the mirror effect finish, there will probably be three more colors, less than usual . But the options are scarce: perhaps two black finishes - as in the case of the iPhone 7 Jet Black or mate black - some white or we pick up the pink gold. Neither can we rule out the red, seeing the resounding success that harvested iPhone 7 (RED).

Geskin has not revealed his sources and the truth, we are quite surprised by this ending, we even inclined to think that the mirror effect is actually black with some especially shiny coating .

What do you think of an iPhone 8 with mirror effect? Would it become your favorite? Give your opinion in the comments

Via | 9to5Mac

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